HTL Patriot Club Membership – Level 3 – Warrior Elite (Significant Other Special)

$159.99 / month


This selection is the Level 3 – Warrior Elite package with the Significant Other add on. Your significant other can train with you at your scheduled session(s). HTL Patriot Club Warrior Elite Monthly Membership features weekly 1 hour long firearms training sessions, which includes an HTL instructor, range time and fees at either Harrisburg’s 717 Armory, Chambersburg’s Crossfire Shooting Range or our outdoor range in Newville. It also includes a 90 minute self defense night. Online video training is always available in the exclusive membership section. Members can receive 50 rounds of 22lr ammo at their firearms training session for just $5 cash. The Warrior Elite membership also includes up to a $30 referral bonus for every family member or friend that activates a Patriot Club membership.


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